Deaf & Hard Of Hearing Program

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Educational Program for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students

Moore Norman Technology Center is one of the few educational options with a clear career path for Oklahomans who are either deaf or hard of hearing.

Mission of MNTC’s Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

We prepare students for a career that they'll enjoy, and one that will provide a competitive salary that will enable independent living.

High School Students

  • High school juniors or seniors from Norman or Moore Public Schools, or those attending in-district private schools are eligible
  • Attend a half-day of class
  • Tuition free
  • Equal to three hours of instruction
  • Sessions available: 9:25 to 12:10 p.m., or 1:05 to 3:50 p.m.
  • Access to interpreters, note-takers, or tutors in lecture and lab settings

Adult Students

  • In-district or out-of-district may enroll
  • Half or full-day class options
  • Equal to three or six hours of instruction
  • Adults also have the option to enroll or for a specific number of contracted hours
  • Works for someone already employed who would like to learn specific skills for career advancement
  • Adults pay tuition for the career program and the employability classes by the semester
  • Most students complete their career preparation in two years or less
  • Access to interpreters, note-takers, or tutors in lecture and lab settings

Entrance Requirements

  • Programs have specific entrance requirements for reading, math and language
  • Most require a 9th grade math and reading level
  • Scores below this level on an assessment test are automatically scheduled for additional reading and/or math instruction with a certified teacher for the deaf
  • Those without a high school diploma may work on a GED concurrently while studying a career field at MNTC

Employability Education

  • Additional program designed for those who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Provides additional education to better prepare individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing for employment
  • Classes are supplemented by individual and small group instruction
  • Program is organized and presented by a coordinating teacher certified with a master's degree and national certification to teach deaf students
  • Students may enroll in this program at the same time as when applying for a Long Term program
  • Adults (or their sponsoring agencies) pay tuition for the career program and the employability classes by the semester

Services involved with this program are weekly two-hour seminars that cover topics like:

  • Goal setting
  • CPR
  • Money management
  • Solving conflict
  • Insurance choices
  • Health/nutrition/ diet
  • Family issues
  • Filling out applications
  • Interviewing/Work ethics
  • Work place relations & communication skills
  • Job seeking skills & resume building


Students have the opportunity to become a member of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Leadership Club, and will gain practical experience through business meetings, committees, service projects, fundraising, and social events.

Additional Services

Those needing educational assistance from the Department of Rehabilitation Services or other agency should contact a counselor to discuss plans as soon as possible. Some agencies can help with the cost of glasses or hearing aids and gasoline for commuting, when it is related to becoming successful in education with the intentions of working.

Hope Crumley

Jill Oliver


If you plan to attend MNTC, and feel that you qualify for housing assistance, register at the Norman Housing Authority. The waiting list may be more than one year for both Section 8 and Public Housing.


Norman Housing Authority
700 N. Berry Road
Norman, OK 73069
Phone: 405.321.7105
Web site:

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program Contact
DeAnn Martin, M.A.,Ed.
Instructor and Specialist on Deafness


Phone: 405.364.5763, ext. 6278

Marles Bradley
M.S., Instructor and Educational Specialist


Phone: 405.364.5763, ext. 7275

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